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Cristina's Note

Hello Everyone!

I hope you and your family are doing well! Wish there were more hours/time to share what is happening!

While I was back in Michigan last summer, I was choosing paintings to put on the 7th floor (where the children and young adults are very sick) in the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. After, I picked them out, they were enlarged to approximately 4 feet. After they were big, beautifully framed and ready to bring brighter moments/days to Patients and their families, there was a dedication/ celebration to welcome them on the 7th floor held on Dec, 7th. The event went very well and there was gentle, soft music performed by my friends Nancy Kleiman's harp and Joe's guitar. Nancy regularly play in hospital lobbies with her beautiful harp music she brings love, smiles and hope, too. Just by having them there and a sound of a soft guitar made everything extra special! Just a couple weeks ago the paintings were hung and they are really beautiful up there and giving everyone a message “I am right here loving comforting you and I will hope with you.” There are so many more people that participated in the success of the project up to and including the day of the celebration that we want to thank, especially... Boston Photo Imaging for printing the artwork and Hsiu-Lan Chang, owner of Fast Frame in Brookline, for framing the prints and to Nebi, Owner of Ginza in Brookline who happily prepared beautiful trays of sushi your gentle touch of celebrating my “Garden of color” made us smile!

Last but not least we would like to thank John Pergantis, owner of Party Favors in Brookline, for coming to the rescue…setting up and taking down the event and for bringing incredible food, especially the most delicious and beautiful cake and chocolate covered strawberries! It always takes a team of good caring people to do a project like this.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

There are more special things going on and surprises, too! Just by being outside of a gift shop at Tufts with my art, someone got excited and asked me to talk at Nichols College. I was a little nervous but, it was only a small group of people, I had fun. After that I was asked to speak again this time it was at the Italian home for children (Orphange), underneath there very sad lives I was very touch by their warm smiles and kind words they sang to me. I did have beautiful a exhibit at the John Moakley federal courthouse, while my art reception were going on a surprise came. It was an award from the governor and I will never forget about the big invitation to event with the Celtics coach Doc Rivers and Magic Johnson and of course, our governor, Deval Patrick! It was an honor to be there with everyone! I still visit patients and their families it is always wonderful to meet them.

In the evenings and weekends I am at Party Favors Annex, where another beautiful display of my artwork is and where I create more beautiful paintings! Also, people can come in to purchase something or just come in to say “Hello’! I would again like to thank John and his wife Marilynn, for giving me a beautiful space to create my paintings and have a display for people to visit, purchase and/or just say ‘Hello’ It is a magical place to be and I am forever grateful!

As I keep meeting wonderful people, and create a friendship with them, they offer to help me when they can… They are from all walks of life. A group of them become an advisory board, we have meeting once a month about my company ‘A Brighter Way.’ They are a great group and an blessing!

While all the excitement was going on...there were other people getting excited, too? It first touched The Brookline Patch, They wrote a story on me (It was the first time that I heard about the Brookline Patch, maybe you didn’t hear about it either) Then Channel 5 interviewed me and showed my story on Thanksgiving, just a couple days later the Boston Herald come along, the come to me and took a lot of pictures of me and wrote a story, too.

I am happy that a calm moment come to let you know what is keeping me busy. Just to let you know I am in the progress of becoming a non- profit. My website will be updated with wonderful additions. There is going to be changes to my schedule which will be posted on my website.

Love and smiles


Cristina & Leanne

Cristina & Leanne

Cristina & Leanne

Photos by Faith Ninivaggi of the Boston Herald

A Brighter Way

“Confetti Surprise”